Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society

Nxwezil̓tems Child and Family Services Program

Supporting Southern Stl’atl’imx families through difficult times
Nxwezil̓tems, SSHS’s Child and Family Services Program, supports families throughout difficult parts of their journey. The program helps SSHS members navigate health systems, educational systems, and the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

The translation for the Ucwalmícwts word “nxwezil̓tems” is “We love our children.” The program expresses this love by providing non-judgmental, compassionate, and caring assistance and support. The program breaks down barriers to ensure SSHS members get the help they need. Nxwezil̓tems works to build solid foundations for successful, healthy, happy families.

Nxwezil̓tems Services

Nxwezil̓tems Child and Family Services is currently undergoing a rebuilding process. At present, the program’s services are limited to:

  • Family support
  • Family preservation
  • Family reunification
  • Ministry of Children and FamilyDevelopment advocacy

As the program rebuilds, the following services will be added:

  • Cultural supports
  • Parenting supports
  • Workshops
  • Other programming, as needed
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Nxwezil̓tems Child and Family Services

Program Lead:

Nicki Paul
Family Preservation & Reunification Worker