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Men’s Health Program

Creating connections, building skills and relationships
Since its inception in 2015, the Men’s Health Program has delivered its activities through the member-driven Men’s Group. The group engages more than 50 men from all four SSHS member communities in land-based therapies.

The Men’s Group addresses men’s health issues by offering traditional, land-based activities that incorporate cultural protocol and traditional ways designed to build self-esteem and capacity. Building hunting cabins, now on the land in N’Quatqua and Skatin, was one of the first projects the group undertook. From finding suitable windfall trees to reassembling the logs in the cabins’ permanent locations, the men learned many valuable new skills and fostered positive relationships. The cabin-building project demonstrated a clear link between the land-based work and the participants’ health and happiness.

Men’s Group Activities

The Men’s Group’s activities are determined by its members. Activities to date have included:

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Medicine harvesting
  • Food harvesting
  • Cabin-building
  • Sweat lodge (building and sweats)
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Men’s Health Program

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