Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society


Ensuring the smooth delivery of SSHS’s services
SSHS is in the health business. This business is supported by the Administration, whose primary task is to implement the SSHS strategic plan. The current strategic plan will be reviewed in the coming months as part of a broader rebuild of the organization's administration, management, and ultimately, its governance.

Administration takes its direction from, and reports to, the SSHS Board of Directors. The administrative team, led by the Health Director, includes an executive assistant, administrative assistant, and fleet manager/maintenance worker. Administrative support is also provided by a contracted financial controller, accounting services, and other consultants. Together, they manage the day-to-day and operational activities.

Administration’s Activities

To reach the SSHS’s goals, Administration focuses on the areas of:

  • Policy development
  • Financial monitoring and control
  • Implementation and service delivery
  • Strategic networking and planning
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Eppa (Gerard Peters)
Interim Health Director