Qaq-wan/Christopher Thomas Wells joined the Nxwezil̓tems team in2019.

Qaq-wan is a member of the Líl̓wat Nation and a part of the St’at’imc Nation. His clan is the Grizzly Clan and Black Bear Clan.

He is one of the spiritual leaders for the St’at’imc First Nations and conducts ceremonies throughout the territory. A lead singer of the St’at’imc songs, Qaq-wan is a world-renowned dancer and performer. He has travelled across North America and overseas to perform on many occasions. Additionally, he had had the honour of serving the Líl̓wat Nation asa council member for two terms.

For the past 11 years, he has worked as a cultural teacher and outreach worker in the local school system.

As the Nxwezil̓tems Cultural Family Worker, Qaq-wan is committed to bringing culture and healthy ways of living to the Lower Lake communities and N̓Quatqua. Passing on all the rich knowledge he has gained over the years from  Elders and spiritual leaders, past and present, is his sole purpose in life.