Entsa Txwoalt’malh      Katherine Holly Joseph

Nsaliltima saopolaoz muta7 siskwi

My parents are Rosie and Joe Joseph

I spent the first part of my life learning the culture of our people.  my parents took to see many things on the land To see sacred sights, where the utsimalh –transformers touched the land and told me family stories of these magical places. On our treks to these locations my parents took turns telling family history or legends that explained the changes on the land. I would ask so many questions that even my parents had to go and ask the elders. We spent many Sunday afternoons visiting.

I started to learn cedar root basket weaving when I was three I made my first basket when I i was 6 my mom made me burn it, she said this would ensure that I would want to make more. When I was a child I had to go and visit elders every Sunday after church I visited for two hours. Summers were for picking and harvesting for the winter so as a family we went out most evenings to go out picking.

I graduated from Ts’zil in 1986, I was part of  the last graduating class of that school I then went on to do many jobs including cashier, coffee barista, busser, waitress, and a tour guide at the SLCC.

I received a certificate to teach ucwalmicwts and our culture 2015 I also took the Administration certificate program.